Apr 11, 2017

All You Need To Know About Melanotan 2

Melanotan peptide and its synthetic variants are subjects of much research activities for the several apparent advantages they offer. First developed at the University of Arizona, these synthetic analogues of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH) replicates the effects of the natural hormone with greater potency and added benefits, and is discussed in detail at https://americansciencelabs.com/.

The world of science and technology is getting updated so quickly that it is almost difficult to keep pace. There are several studies and research works that are being conducted at various corners of the world for the betterment of mankind. With research inputs from discovermagazine.com, let us try to decode the exciting research topic of Melanotan a little further.

Alpha- melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH) is a naturally produced peptide hormone that stimulates the process of melanogenesis in our body. Melanogenesis is the process by which our body produces a pigment called melanin that determines the color of our hair and skin. When our skin is exposed to ultra-violet (UV) radiations, it releases melanin to protect our skin from absorbing too much of UV rays that can cause harm to it. Melanin is actually protecting our skin by darkening it when exposed to the harmful rays for a prolonged time thereby tanning our skin.

Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 are the main synthetic analogues of a-MSH that have been developed. Here, we are concentrating more on Melanotan 2 as it is considered to be more potent than the other one.

One of the biggest disadvantages of exposing our skin to too much of sun is the risk of developing skin cancer. Melanotan 2 – the more prominent of the two synthetic variants of a-MSH – is a topic under extensive research for its ability to protect us from these harmful rays by simulating the natural melanogenesis process without actually being under the sun. In other words, this synthetic hormone produces the same result as the natural one without the dangerous and possibly fatal side-effects like cancer.

a-MSH exerts remarkable influence over lipid metabolism, appetite and libido by activating certain melanocortin receptors. Melanotan 2 is also observed to have similar effects on our body. The research, started as a project to develop a defense against skin cancer, has been successful in producing Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2. These two variants also display greater half-lives that increase their utility for therapeutic purposes than the natural hormone that had a very short half-life.

Melanotan 2, apart from its photoprotective properties, also exhibit aphrodisiac properties thereby increasing the libido. Further, the effect of this peptide has been studied on the food intake pattern of laboratory mice. It has been observed that a six-day treatment resulted in lowering of body weight and suppression of calorie intake of mice. This implies that this variant can be used as a possible treatment for obesity, once all the due clinical trials are completed. It has also been observed that Melanotan 2 increased the cholesterol metabolism and fat catabolism in the muscles of obese rats.

This synthetic peptide holds much promise as a potentially useful treatment for health conditions like melanoma, obesity, etc. in the future.


Dec 21, 2016

Types Of Cardio Machines For Weight Loss

It is well-known that cardio training is the best way to lose weight healthily. But it is more important to gain knowledge about the various exercise equipment that offers cardio training. Losing weight is evident only when the calories and fat are burnt during a workout. Running and walking are the best cardio exercise. But if an indoor workout is preferred there is a range of cardio machines like the Top pull up station, which helps in shedding those extra calories. There are also brands like the progym equipment which provides a wide range of exercise machines of one’s choice.

The cardio training programs mentioned in http://dailyburn.com/ can be undertaken both in a professional gym and also in a home gym where you can buy the required machines alone. Treadmill, Elliptical machines, kettle bells, StepMill and rowing machine are the cardio machines available for effective weight loss.

StepMill The StepMill machine by Stepmaster is the hardest machine to get skilled. It is like climbing a moving escalator but demands to place the foot against the gravity. This workout the butt, back and a part of the calf muscles thereby helps in burning 200 to 300 calories per hour. For increased burning of calories, one can hold dumbbells in each hand and perform the workout.

Rowing machine This is very typical to rowing, which includes the upper and lower part of the body. A rowing machine is considered to be the difficult machine for most of the users, which indicates harder the machine, more calories one can shed during the workout. The sitting position should be taken care, as it is more crucial that there are fair chances for the back to be hurt when sat in a wrong position. This cardio vascular workout machine helps in burning more than 1000 calories per hour.

Kettle Bells Exercises performed using the kettlebells is the effective choice of equipment without a large deal of money. Exercise like swings can be done using the kettle bells. Any exercise that is done using the kettlebells targets the hip and arms. The calories burnt during the workout are 20 calories per minute. Shoulders should be in a relaxed position, and the arms should be straight throughout the workout to avoid any injuries.

Elliptical machine The Elliptical machine is the best choice for people who suffered from minor injuries. This machine offers the staircase climbing mechanism with various intensities and can be adjusted manually or electronically. There are elliptical machines with comes with the arm moving handles, which provides some kind of workout to the arm as well. The calories burnt during a session on the elliptical machine are 600 calories per hour in the no-arm movement type machine.

Tread Mill The most used and the effective of all the cardio machines is the treadmill. Unlike other machines, which only target on one or two parts of the body, a Treadmill provides a workout for the entire body with speed managing options. Walking on a treadmill helps to burn 300-3oo calories per hour, whereas running helps in burning 600-1200 calories per hour.

When all the workouts of the above-said machines are combined, a comparatively more number of calories can be burnt.

Dec 08, 2016

Five Best Adjustable Dumbbells To Choose


Do you want to buy a pair of good adjustable dumbbells for your home gym? There are various models of adjustable dumbbells options available, and you want to select from the different price range too. Some of the dumbbell options are Bowflex 552, Universal Power Pack 445, Xmark adjustable Dumbbell Set. These Bowflex selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbells are suitable for your workout requirement. The aim of this article is to find the right adjustable dumbbells for your workout.

Check out the recent article by Fitnessmagazine.com on 30-minutes dumbbells workout to tone your body.

Most of us have small space for our home gym and you want to pick the right gym equipment that doesn't take more room space. Adjustable dumbbells are the perfect option to perform different types of equipment, and it occupies only less room space. You can also combine it with an adjustable weight bench, and you can do everything from it.

Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbell is a popular dumbbell option. It uses dial system to pick the weight based on 2.5 pounds increments. It is simple to increase the weight maximum to 52.5 pounds using the small weight increment option. Buying a stand for this dumbbell is optional. But the drawback is its weight is made of plastic material so you should not drop these down since it will break down easily.

The Universal Power Pack 445 is another good option for your home gym. You can choose this if you are a newbie in weight lifting or you don't want a lot of weight for your workouts. It is designed with rubber handle, and the weights are coated in plastic. It comes with a stand as an additional accessory, and it takes only less room space.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells is an attractive adjustable dumbbell option, and it is available in various ranges of pounds. The best thing about this model is it allows you to purchase expansion kits and you can add weights based on your requirement.

It has a stand option, but you want to get it separately. Using the stand helps in taking less floor space since you can place the additional weights on the stand rather than the floor. The weight plates are square shaped and made up of steel. You want to use the quick lock system to add or remove the weight plates when using the dumbbells. It is definitely easy to use this dumbbell.

In Xmark adjustable Dumbbell Set, you want to adjust the pin to the required weight option. It is available in two weight option- 25lb and 50lb weight option. It is designed with a stand, and the handle of this dumbbell is 12 inches in length. It is highly durable since it is chrome plated and really an excellent option for your home gym.

The MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Dumbbell Set comes in different options, and it is a perfect option if you want heavy weight dumbbells. The handles are threaded and easy to perform exercises such as bicep curls, triceps curls etc.

Take The Alternative Route For Faster Recovery From Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is a name that every person dreads today. This debilitating and painful disorder has wrecked the lives of countless people all over the world. It doesn’t care about the gender of lifestyle that a person belongs to. People who suffer from often undergo long-term treatments that bring about their own set of side effects. This article seeks to examine the many alternative treatments and therapies that are now available, with a special focus on those who are intent to try the Neuropathy Support Formula that has become quite the rage amongst patients suffering from neuropathy. According to the renowned healthcare website healthline.com, Peripheral Neuropathy is a form of nerve damage. It screws up the way the brain processes the innumerable nerve impulses that travel throughout the body. Often victims of this disorder will suffer from aches and pains and sensations that have no apparent source. Many people who complain of these symptoms are often dismissed as being too imaginative. It is only when the symptoms manifest themselves strongly that a careful medical investigation is undertaken. If you suspect you or a loved one to be suffering from the effects of this disorder, then your first step should be to approach medical practitioner so as to get a medical checkup. This will help to verify the symptoms as that of neuropathy and will determine if an underlying disease or injury is the reason behind the peripheral neuropathy Usually, doctors will recommend a complete blood analysis. Based on these findings they will refer the patient to a neurologist. One of the tests neurologists typically performs to evaluate nerve and muscle condition is an EMG or Electromyelogram. Once it is verified, neuropathy has several treatments under the conventional mode of treatment. But a major disadvantage with these treatments is the occurrence of unpleasant side effects like lightheadedness, nausea, etc. This is the reason why many patients, after undergoing conventional treatments and therapies, step into the world of alternative medication. Unlike the conventional treatments, the treatments prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners do not have potentially harmful side effects. It has been found that even the lack of essential nutrients can cause some of the symptoms of neuropathy. Usually, alternative medications of neuropathy contain the use of vitamins like B-complex. The water-soluble B-vitamins are B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B12, biotin, PABA, choline, inositol and folic acid. These vitamins are vital for the body to get back the normal nerve functions. It has been found that a high sugar diet can impair the body’s intake of this essential vitamin. Apart from this the use of an essential fatty acid known as Alpha Lipoic Acid is also highly recommended. This is an essential compound that is usually present in our body. This is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the metabolism of glucose, thereby enabling the body to utilize the blood sugar into producing energy. This compound can go a long way in treating patients suffering from diabetes-induced neuropathy. Both of the essential elements mentioned above are proven to help prevent as well as treat neuropathy. So, before buying any neuropathy supplements, make sure the labels lists these two as the active ingredients.

Sep 20, 2016

Facts About Age Management Medicine


The World Health Organization (WHO) report demonstrates that 80% of cardiovascular disease, 91% of diabetes and 40% of cancers are avertable using proper diet, healthy lifestyle habits and exercise. You can intake proper nutritional food for a good quality of life and live longer. You should understand what food you to take and its impact on your health is related to longevity. People who take the right amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates and consume calorie that is required only for their daily tasks can enhance the chances of extending their quality of life and lifespan.

Cenegenics is an age management medicine that prevents aging process or decreasing its effects. It also claims for the possibilities of life extension. Unlike other medicines which focus on regular disease-driven approach, this medicine acts as a proactive method which motivates healthy aging using the hormone therapy. The main focus of this drug is preventing aging by low-glycemic nutrition, nutritional supplements and exercise. Before taking this drug, complete health evaluation result of a person is made to create an individualized healthy-aging program. It helps you feel and look like a younger person and rejuvenates you completely.

But many people claim that it is not tested and not safe to use and there are several risks associated when taking the above age management medicine. As an alternative to this medicine, you can also follow other methods to look younger. The YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtWR_Mk-euc explains the reason for choosing alternative treatment methods to the previous anti-ageing medicine.

This drug uses a new approach, keeping away the traditional medicine that focuses only on preventing and eliminating drugs and follows a unique proactive method. The scientific reasons behind the age management drug facilitate us to discover and meet criteria and you are less prone to the possibility of risky diseases especially cancer, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome. The recent research findings reveal that silent inflammation as the main reason for poor aging and most dangerous diseases like obesity, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.

The age management medicine explained above assures that it decrease the possibilities of age-related disease, develop physical and sexual vitality, develops quality sleeping, boost muscle tone, reduce body fat and sharpen mental acuity. It also decreases cholesterol, increases libido and sexual responsiveness. It guarantees to increase bone density, stamina and endurance.

This drug involves hormone replacement process and you must ensure whether the diagnosis includes close monitoring of lab testing and highly responsive to the completion of the treatment. The personalized medical program of this drug is very much beneficial and designed particularly to make you look and feel younger and rejuvenate you completely.

The complete evaluation process of your health before taking this drug identify any diseases and when taking this medicine you are at the lowest risk of deadly diseases and it extends your life span also. Hormone optimization process in this treatment facilitates to regain healthy endocrine levels. Restoring and maintaining endocrine functions at the right level based on your age provides the best way for a healthy and vigorous life.

Aug 22, 2016

What You Should Know Of Autoimmune Disease In Dogs?

If you care more for your dog, then it is a must to know about the autoimmune disease. Like human beings, dogs too have immunity system that protects their body from foreign proteins and other pathogens. Their immune system contains white blood cells and antigens, which all work round the clock to protect the health from various disease pathogens. When the immune system is weak, then the dogs would easily suffer infections due to various bacteria and virus. This is the reasons, why owners should try to boost the immunity of their pet dogs.

Most people confuse autoimmune disease with AIDS. AIDS is caused due a virus called HIV, which attacks and weakens the immunity system. On the other hand, autoimmune caused to abnormal behavior of the immune system. In this condition, the immunity system thinks its own tissue as a foreign substance and starts to react, thereby causing painful and allergic reactions. Dogs affected by autoimmune diseases will fall seriously sick and subsequently face death.

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Anemia is a condition that is characterized by a reduction in the number of red blood cells or volume-hemoglobin. Hemolytic Anemia is described as the lowering of production of RBC. In the case of Hemolytic Anemia, the dog’s immunity system sees RBC as defective and started making reactions. Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) are relatively difficult to treat and require a severe dosage of medicines.

Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia

This is condition is said to happen, when the immune system of the dog destructs clotting cells, also called as thrombocytes. The clinical symptoms of this condition include excess bleeding, trauma, etc. The treatment for Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia is very similar to AIHA. If the medicines do not work, Splenectomy could be performed. The surgical risk is greater because of the poor clotting ability.

There are many theories to explain the reason for the cause of autoimmune disorder in canines. But the fact is that there is no definitive answer. Some experts blame environmental pollution and food preservative as the major reason. In most cases, the autoimmune disease tends to show symptoms gradually. However, sometimes the disease could quickly attack and causing major organs like heart, liver, and kidney to fail quickly.

If you suspect that your dog is affected by the autoimmune disease, you need to take your pet to your vet. The vet may recommend various tests to find whether the dog is really affected. You should allow the dog affected by autoimmune to breed as it can produce unhealthy offspring. As heavy medicines are used to treat the condition, the dog may experience side effects. The life of the dogs affected by autoimmune disease could be extended with proper care.

You should gain as much as information about the autoimmune disease so that you can act quickly and wisely in future. You can log on to http://www.autoimmunedisorderinfo.com/diseases-in-dogs/ to find plenty of information about the autoimmune disorder. This website contains information in a simple language for easy understanding. This website can be a great guide for anyone, who wants to know about the autoimmune disease. When you have good knowledge about the canine autoimmune disorder, you would be able to act as a responsible dog owner.

Jun 09, 2016

Facts People Must Know About Maeng Da Kratom

One of the most popular forms of Kratom is Maeng Da Kratom. Very less people know about its origin. It is very commonly recommended by health practitioners. Before using it you must put some effort in to knowing about its effects and potency. This was the most effective strain once. Today there are better strains of Kratom that are more effective. However, it is still recommended to people who are looking for both, pain relief and stimulation. It works the best way on a person when these two things are the only requirement. Maeng da kratom has a very interesting history than many other kratom strains. Lucky kratom maeng da users have always appreciated its effects.

In Thai its name means "Pimp kratom". It has its name since past 20 years. Many people say this kratom is genetically altered, but no such proofs have been provided till now. Apart from the speculations, it is originally known to have marvellous medical benefit son its users. This strain of Kratom is grown through a unique process known as grafting. Many botanically interested farmers grew this breed to match up with the unique Thai quality of Kratom. In South East Asia many different varieties of Kratom are found. They are all unique to the region they are found in.

Farmers have always tried to develop a kratom that can develop in the shortest interval of time. Also, the market favours those that have more potent leaves. More potent leaves means in less quantity of leaves also many medicines can be made. Taking it directly is not advisable to the first time users as it can have heavy sedation effects. The Maeng Da strain originated in Indonesia. You will hear its name very commonly in Indonesia. The reason behind Kratom's popularity in Indonesia is its Swampy and humid location along with sweltering heat. Most men are engaged in manual labour over here. Hence, kratom farming became popular over here.

People here grow Kratom through the process of grafting. It involves the mixing of both, artificial and natural methods. It leads to the production of more potent Thai kratoms. Earlier, when kratom was limited to the South East Asian countries, Maeng Da was very popular among masses. Still it is used by people who do heavy manual labour on a daily basis. Its effects are quite unique as compared to many other strains of Kratom. Its alkaloid blend has proved it effective for very long, even today. It has got excellent pain killing property and stimulating property.

A mental and physical readiness is the first sign after its use. It has no side effects like sweating or any other kind of physical discomfort. Tea and coffee are also considered as stimulant but they can lead to bloated stomach or other discomfort after consumption. Whereas Maeng Da has no such side effects. It focuses on providing energy. It also provides sufficient analgesic effect. Maeng Da is worth trying if you want to experience some mild effects when starting to use Kratom.


May 30, 2016

Things To Consider In A Vibration Trainer

You can get more details about a vibration trainer from fitness equipment centers or by reading a fitness article. Visit www.weightracksandmore.com to get details about some of the best vibration trainers in the market. It is not easy for anyone of us to shake ourselves back in to shape. It is easy to gain weight because of little carelessness, but it takes a lot of effort to lose it. You cannot only lose weight by vibration training, but get many more health benefits. One major health benefit is your body is eased up of any pain. You will gain more strength in your body with vibration training.

Actually, sciences prove that it is a low impact training methodology to help human body. You need to perform vibration training at least thrice in a week. You can get its benefit by doing it for merely 5 minutes during every use. Just in that little amount of time, this will leave a great impact on your body. Vibration trainers have plates that are vibrated at a very high level. You will feel its impact from the very first use. It is amazing how in very less time it will show its effect on your body. Unlike other exercises which take at least a month to show their effect on your body.

Older people are usually suggested for vibration training. It allows them to undergo a low impact exercise. It is amazing for their body as it strengthens it. You can do many other exercises by standing on a vibration trainer. You can do squats, lunges or calf raises. Any of these exercises can be performed on a vibration trainer. You can read on the internet to learn how to utilize your vibration trainer to the maximum limit. The more you learn about the trainer, the more benefits you will be able to draw from it.

It improves your body's metabolism power, minimize joint pain from everywhere, boost your body's flexibility, enhance bone density and strengthen your tissues. All of these are important for leading a healthy lifestyle. Therefore do try a vibration trainer. Do not be skeptical about it from the very beginning. There are various types of vibrations available in a vibration trainer. You can do the choice of vibration on the trainer. It can be with oscillating or tri planar platform. Oscillating platform vibration training can help you lose a good amount of weight. Tri planar one can improve your muscle mass. You can combine many other types of exercises with the vibration trainer.

There are various platform dimensions to choose from. An array of different sizes is available in the market. Make sure you buy a vibration trainer with bigger size platform. If you are well build, the space will fall short for you to perform different exercises. Buy a machine that will serve your long term need and not just a short term one. Intensity of vibration is also a big factor. Therefore make a wise decision before you buy the equipment.

Apr 25, 2016

Packing in Nutrition with Pre-Dinner Snacks

After I was small, I recall being a trouble and hanging around my mother when she was making supper, starving. Her reaction? She’d give us veggies. I particularly remember eating lots of clean bell peppers pre- supper – she’d throw pieces of these back at my buddy and me like we were wildlife being kept removed from creating an episode. (Which maybe we type of were.)

Now my own is i’med off on by that, I make use of this strategy of making supper before even though snacking on vegetables, often with some kind of tasty drop supplement like hummus. While most people are keen something I would recommend to my AnneTheRD diet customers, also, since it’s an effective way to slip in certain additional vegetables and diet.

It’s also an ideal method to use the random up vegetables your refrigerator that don’t use whatever formula you’re producing!

Often we get this to a formal event having a complete vegetable dish and different hummus choices to drop in (Traditional Sabra Hummus is definitely successful, but Matt’s fave may be the Roasted Garlic Hummus and I’m caring their fresh Lemon Twist Hummus recently):

And often we consume while standing/prepping our meal and maintain it more informal and simply get vegetables right from the refrigerator. :) Mmmm… real carrots – you're a lot more tasty and tasty than baby carrots.

Supplying in Diet with Pre-Dinner Snacks
April 19, 2016 by Anne 17 Reviews
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After I was small, I recall being a trouble and hanging around my mother when she was making supper, starving. Her reaction? She’d give us veggies. I particularly remember eating lots of clean bell peppers pre- supper – she’d throw pieces of these back at my buddy and me like we were wildlife being kept removed from creating an episode. (Which maybe we type of were.)

Eat your veggies

Now my own is i’med off on by that, I make use of this strategy of making supper before even though snacking on vegetables, often with some kind of tasty drop supplement like hummus. While most people are keen something I would recommend to my AnneTheRD diet customers, also, since it’s an effective way to slip in certain additional vegetables and diet.

veggie dish before dinner

It’s also an ideal method to use the random up vegetables your refrigerator that don’t use whatever formula you’re producing!

Often we get this to a formal event having a complete vegetable dish and different hummus choices to drop in (Traditional Sabra Hummus is definitely successful, but Matt’s fave may be the Roasted Garlic Hummus and I’m caring their fresh Lemon Twist Hummus recently):

Snack on vegetables and hummus before dinner

And often we consume while standing/prepping our meal and maintain it more informal and simply get vegetables right from the refrigerator. :) Mmmm… real carrots – you're a lot more tasty and tasty than baby carrots.

hummus and carrot pre-dinner snack

Established foods are great and all nicely, however the pre-supper Unofficial Dinner may also be just like tasty, am I correct?! It’s among the best instances of that I and evening – Matt eat hearing audio, while prepping dinner, and getting on our times. Also stunning is that this red cauliflower? Obviously it has about 25PERCENT more vitamin A cauliflower good!

Feb 17, 2016

5 Things Preventing Technology Adoption In Health Care

The Stanford Medicine X meeting is among the most publicized activities in healthcare. Its hashtag #MedX was a high-trending phrase throughout last week’s occasion on Facebook.

Each year, thought entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers and leaders collect under widespread wish at MedX: to change National healthcare through technology. However they also reveal a typical disappointment: National health care’s unsteady and gradual grasp of technology.

Why do this many apparently excellent systems neglect to enter the care program?

That issue was my MedX keynote address' topic. And that I wish the next five solutions drop some light in healthcare about the facts of technology ownership.

1. Several New Systems Don’t Address The Actual Problem

Technology entrepreneurs usually have a backward method of creation. By finding a great technology they start. They work out how it can be used by individuals.

This method frequently shows entrepreneurs a difficult training: Engineering may be worth nothing if it doesn’t improve lives or resolve an essential issue.

Alan Cooper, regarded by several to become the daddy of contemporary user-experience layout (UXD), stated the perfect method is “goal directed.”

Meaning, leaders must begin with the finish- user's objectives. The options come. The outcomes often fail once the purchase is corrected.

For example, the care globe lately is becoming fascinated with devices. Several products help resolve the issue of what present to provide a family member throughout the holidays. But handful of the unit resolve significant health issues.

2. No Body Really Wants To Purchase New Technologies

Making application or an impressive device that will help individuals and physicians isn’t enough. These items should also be monetized.

In healthcare, that proves difficult.

Individuals, doctors, hospitals and insurance providers really miss worth and the advantages of technology. Each believes it should be paid for by another person.

More, entrepreneurs should realize the economic issues inherent in health care’s present charge-for-support cost product. Hospitals and physicians may not be fast decrease patient appointments or to accept any engineering that reduces fees. Why? Since today’s cost product financially rewards hospitals and physicians for that quantity and price of solutions they offer – not the caliber of results they accomplish.

Till our cost design goes from charge-for- worth,” a few of the best technical options -for- service will soon be difficult to market.

3. Physicians Are Hesitant to Exhibit Individuals Their Medical Information

Before the contemporary digital health report (EHR), popular knowledge was that physicians possessed the medical information found in a patient’s graph.

It made sense at that time. With just one copy of the report available, the best spot for this was the graph space situated in the rear of the office.

Several physicians thought it had been essential to maintain it from patients' fingers, worrying if read the info might be dangerous.

Jan 22, 2016